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Allison transmissions, Allison parts PACIFIC TORQUE, Inc.

Authorized Allison Transmission Dealer

Almost every Allison ever built in stock, ready to ship!
Genuine Allison parts, used and rebuilt, now in stock
Hard-to-find Allisons, now in stock

Rebuilt Allison transmissions

Allisons in stock, ready to ship!

Pacific Torque has just about every model of Allison ever built, in stock, ready to ship. On highway, off highway, large and small. Our current stock includes:

AT542, AT545 CLBT754, CLT750DB with double disconnects
MT643, MT644, MT647, MT654 CLT5961, CLBT6061-6, CLT6062-6, CLBT6063-6
MD3060, MD3060P, MD3560P M5600A, M6600A, M6610A
HD 406C HD 4560P
MT30, MT41, MT42 DP8962, DP8963
CRT3331-1, CRT3331-3 CRT3531-1, CRT3531-3, CRT3630-1 CLBT9681, M9600A
TT2220-1, TT2421-1, TRT2421-3, TTB2221-1 TC377, TCDOA475, TCDOA575, TCD845, TC955
CRT5630, CRT5631, CRT5633 TG602, TG604
HT740RS, HT747, HTB748, HT754CR, HT750D with TC777 VS2-8, V730

Allison Parts

With over 3,000 genuine new, rebuilt, and used parts in stock, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

We will immediately return a quote! You can either:
* Use our convenient On-line Request Form,
* Send us an inquiry by e-mail,
* Phone us: Toll free in USA: (800) 726-5300 or
* Fax us (206) 244-5299

Hard-to-find Allisons

Having trouble finding Allison factory ReTrans? We have AT545, MT643, MT653, MD3060, MD3560P rebuilt transmissions in stock!
Can’t find CLT6063 and M6600? We have them, rebuilt, ready to ship.

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